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After nearly 20 years in providing protective intelligence and crisis management for Fortune 500 companies and leading brands, our leadership developed daily intelligence briefings for the senior executives of the world's largest auto manufacturer in response to the terror attacks of 9/11.  These daily briefings were then distributed by DHS & FBI under the Public Private Partnership Program to 9,000 security professionals in the American Society of Industrial Security.  Having recently designed and managed the building of a state of the art security operation center for the largest employer in Detroit, we were instrumental in the hiring and  development of the center's management and personnel as well as its intelligence collection capacity and methodology.  We are offering a portfolio of intelligence solutions to protect corporate executives and High Net Worth Individuals.    

Some of our solutions include:

  • Open-Source Collection Automation Technologies
  • Surface, Deep & Dark Web Research
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Internet and Social Media Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Attack Surface Reduction 
  • Personally Identifiable Information Removal 

Our Approach

Our solutions close the gap between Information Security & Executive Protection Best Practices.  These services are designed to enhance the privacy and security of company executives and their families without an increase in headcount.  

Contact us for more information related to our Executive Information Vulnerability Assessment which identifies Surface and Deep Web identity and location data availability as well as Social Media data leakage.  Surface results are scored based on quality of return.  This Vulnerability Assessment includes sampling the largest Data Broker Network in the industry and validates the need for our removal services.    

Why Us?

We provide strategic insight to proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities to your senior leadership and their families.  Drop us an email today and we will schedule a same day conference call to learn more about your challenges and requirements.


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